The Pudgemoon Chronicles, Vol 1

Greetings Brainiacs, our first fantasy serial is up and running. Titled “The Pudgemoon Chronicles”, it details the life and adventures of mighty titans and evil science-wizards! Action! Magic! Bonemauls! Whale Mammoths! Subscribe to the Patreon to get full access to the serial!

On the insignificant moon of Pudge, one of many satellites trapped in the seventh orbit of an unnamed star, all was peaceful. The green canopy overhead danced with ethereal light as the planetary disk cast its minty glow across the forest. Birds and other things whistled and squealed, disrupting the treetops with their antics, as below giant cats hunted silently through the shadows. Lemursnakes jumped from branch to branch, arguing over the bright orange clusters of fruit sprouting from low-hung limbs. Whispers of fog reached up through the brush, obscuring the tiny birds brave enough to feast upon fat red berries in the underbrush. Boaruins, massive yet docile bear-boar hybrids, snored with their families in their dens, honking peacefully through the day. This day was, by and large, sickeningly perfect, with the billowy cotton candy clouds and warm (but not too humid) air. Suddenly, cutting through the midmorning chatter of the jungle, came the calamity of Norge Beefhammer…

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